Most work is handled on the basis of an hourly rate. The fees vary depending upon the complexity of the case, the experience required, the nature of the matter, etc. The time spent on a case handled on this basis is itemized to the client and the client pays for the time expended by the attorney regardless of the results obtained.

Some work is performed on a contingency fee basis which means the attorney will receive a percentage of the amount actually recovered. The percentage will vary depending upon the facts of a particular case but the typical range is from 25% to 40%. Personal injury claims are often handled in this fashion.

Some work is handled on the basis of a fixed fee for certain work. This would include preparing a will and/or a trust, forming a corporation, preparing documents for a real estate transaction, etc.

Some cases are handled on the basis of a “blend” between a fixed fee and a contingency fee. In such a case a non-refundable fee is paid to retain the attorney. This money is utilized by the attorney to offset expenses of investigation and research. Any amount deposited less actual expenses is credited to the attorney fee if there is a successful result.

Out of pocket expenses such as filing fees, deposition costs, expert fees, exhibit preparation costs, etc. may be advanced by the attorney when appropriate, but all expenses are the ultimate responsibility of the client. We do not accept credit cards. The terms are spelled out in the attorney-client contract which the client will be required to sign.